Isra Dental College

Faculty Publications in National and International Journals

S# Name Title of Publication Name of the Journal Volume Pages Issue Period Year
1 Dr. Zahid Iqbal Post-Operative Sensitivity in Restorative Type Glass lonomer versus Resin Composite Restoration in Class V Carious Cavity Isra Medical Journal 9 (5) Sep-Oct 2017 2017
2 Dr. Zahid Iqbal Effect of Incorporation of Hydroxyapatite on Hardness of Resin Modified Glass lonomer Cement. Isra Medical Journal 9 (4) July-Aug 2017
3 Dr. Zahid Iqbal An in viro Evaluation of Apecal Sealing Ability of Injectable Thermoplasticized and Solid Core Obturation Technique: A Comparative Study Isra Medical Journal 9 (4) July-Aug 2017
4 Dr. Zahid Iqbal Comparision of Digital Radiographic Method in Determination of working length in vivo to the actual working length ex vivo after extraction Isra Medical Journal 9 (4) July-Aug 2017
5 Dr. Zahid Iqbal Clinical outcome of MTA Apical plug and MTA monoblock technique for apexification of non-vital immature permanent incisors. In vivo sudy. Isra Medical Journal 6 (4) Oct-Dec 2014
6 Dr. Zahid Iqbal A comparative sudy to assess post obturation flare-ups with and without using calcium hydroxide as an intracanal medicament. Isra Medical Journal 6 (3) Jul-Sep 2014
7 Dr. Zahid Iqbal MTA monoblick obturation technique in endodontic retreatment. A case report Journal of the college of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan 24 (3) S180-S182 2014
8 Dr. Zahid Iqbal Monoblock obturation technique for non vital immature permanent maxillary incisors using mineral trioxide aggregate: results from case series published Journal of the college of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan 24 (1) 56-59 January 2014
9 Dr. Zahid Iqbal Comparison between Radiographic and Electronic wrking length dtermination n root canal treatment in vivo study. Isra Medical Journal 5 (1) March 2013
10 Absi M, Niazi FH, Naseem M, Iqbal Z, Khiyani F Inter-appointment pain during root canal treatment by comparing the crown-down and apical step-back techniques J Pak Dent Association 23 (3) 100-105 2014