Instruction of filling online forms

  1. Open any web browser and type at the address bar of the browser.
  2. A page asking User Name and Password will show up. Type your ID as username, and for password type first 04 digits of your ID (See the example below), and press “Login Button”.

User Name:     1010-mbbs001

Password:        1010

  1. You will find a list of the subjects you have been taught in semester. In case if the list is not shown up then click “My Courses” available in navigational bar at the left side on the Screen
  2. Click each subject and find the activities on the screen
  3. Click on each activity, press “Answer the Questions” button and submit your honest feedback.
  4. At submission, you will find the message “Your answer has been saved” and press “Continue”.
  5. Repeat steps 7 & 8 until you complete each activity for that single subject.
  6. Repeat steps 5 to 8 for each subject.


  1. You will be informed through University Circular on notice boards and your advisors. These surveys are anonymous that opportune students to submit the honest feedback.
  2. You are free to fill these surveys at your convenient time and place, but before the deadline or before start of Semester Examinations.
  3. Response to each activity is mandatory
  4. Make sure to evaluate only those faculty members who have taught you the selected subject
  5. Do not leave any question un­answered.
  6. Comments are optional