Faculty of Engineering, Science & Technology

Faculty Publications in National and International Journals

S. No Authors’ Name Publications-Title Journal Name Volume (Issue) Pages Issued Period Year
1 Ahsanullah Baloch Pseudo Three-Dimensional Finite Element Model For Unsteady Free Surface Flow Jokull Journal Vol 64 (4) 426-436 2014
2 Ahsanullah Baloch Numerical Simulation of Rotating Mixing in Cylindrical Vessel with Couple of Mix Rotating Stirrers J. of Basic and Applied Scientific Research Vol 4 (4) 169-173 2014
3 Ahsanullah Baloch Verification and Application of Finite Element Model Developed for Flood Routing in Rivers World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, International Journal of Environmental, Earth Science and Engineering Vol. 8 (8) 2014
4 S. Memon, H. Kazi, I. Channna and A. Shaikh Performance Evaluation of MANET’s Reactive & Proactive Routing Protocols in High Speed VANETS International Journal of Modern Comminication Technologies & Research (IJMCTR) 2 (12) December 2014
5 A. Shaikh, S. Faizullah, D. Vasan, Z. Ahmed SLIM International Journal of Compurter Applications (IJCA) 94 (3) 45-47 May 2014
6 D. Vasan, A. Shaikh A Consolidated Analysis of MANET Routing Protocols International Journal of Wireless Comminications and Network Technologies (IJWCNT) 3 (2) 30-34 March 2014